Encapsulated Espresso coffee flavor



WFF has successfully made encapsulated Espresso milk coffee flavor, Micro-Encapsulated Milk Espresso Coffee Powder Flavor (encapsulated French coffee flavor) - suitable for manufacturing roasted coffee and instant coffee.

ly ca phe

We are inspired to improve traditional Vietnamese black coffee so that when boiling, it spreads out a seductive aroma, and then tastes a little charming bitter sweet and after icing and the original flavor does not fade away and the after taste of coffee still remains.


Our experts have researched the extraction from the world's best quality Arabica beans selected by Starbucks, combined with French Dark Roasted method with the special coffee made by Vietnamese people to create a very unique and wonderfully aromatic aroma of coffee flavor.


Moreover, Micro-Encapsulated flavor technology helps to retain all tastes and aromas during production, storage and transportation. And encapsulated flavors deliver 100% aroma and taste when preparing hot or cold coffee. Because of these technical attributes, encapsulated Espresso milk coffee flavor is an efficient solution for manufacturers of instant coffee and roasted coffee to increase and improve the smell and taste as well as reduce costs.