Multi-layered micro-encapsulation technology helps to keep scent longer



According to University of Bourgogne's research, the two-layered emulsions can help to retent flavor in the spray drying.

This topic was published in Food Chemistry magazine, has been studying whether a multi-layer pea protein isolate-pectin complex can effectively keep the smell better than one- layer pea protein isolate in preservation of oil particles in flavor or not.

One of the most common technique in flavor manufacture is to create an oil-in-water emulsion to cover the odor molecules, then spray dried to make powder for easy use. However, high temperature in drying process can make odor molecules evaporate. The maintenance of volatile flavor esters in drying depends mostly on the stability of the emulsion and the capability that molecule "membrane" will protect or release components.

In recent years, many scientific projects have studied the use of multi-layer emulsion to increase the stability of oil-in-water emulsion. Multi-layer emulsion is formed of small oil drops dispersing in water, and each oil drop is surrounded by a multi-layer membranes which is made of an emulsifier and charged biopolymer.


Keeping scent
The purpose of this study is to confirm whether multi-layer cover can improve the ability of protecting the odor or not.
Pea protein and pectins are charged biopolymers. The community of scientists have used charged biopolymers to produce single and multi-layer emulsion, and found that multi-layer emulsion can improve the stability of oil droplets in terms of aging, pH changes and drying in comparison with oil drops covered by single protein membrane .

In recent studies, the oil-in-water emulsion is created by using three flavor compounds: ethyl acetate (EA), ethyl butyrate (EB), and ethyl hexanoate, with and without pectin. These two samples were then dried in a dryer.
The results was that when pectin is used as an additional layer outer oil drops, the scent will be retained considerably, and beta-layer structure is protected by pectin.

In brief, pectin can improve the integrity of oil emulsion in drying, improve stability and scent keeping ability.
The researchers concluded that: "The technique which improves the interface of oil-in-water emulsion with biopolymers can provide a new technique to improve the ability of keeping scent in powder products, " Extraction from Food Chemistry in 03/28/2011
"Properties of two-layer membrane encapsulated flavor: the role of interactions between interface and water" Author: Gharsallaoui, A., Roudaut, G., Beney, L., Chambin, O., Voilley , A., Saurel,