Food protection

WFF is proud to be a specialist in the field of food protection, focusing on natural antioxidants including the following main products: 

- VivOX® / Nutrox, INOLENS®, SyneROX®, AquaROX® are divided into two groups: oil-soluble and water-soluble, made from natural rosemary extracts with two important active ingredients, Rosmarinic acid and Carnosic acid, which have antioxidant properties and prevent rancidity in food. 

- TocoVit: Natural Vitamin E mixture which in applied for food and cosmetics. 

- FRUTAROM Origanox line®: Extracts from oregano, tea and jasmine. 

In addition, there are also botanical extracts from acerola cherry and other herbal mixtures used in special applications. These natural antioxidants will help prevent oxidation and extend the expiration date of the products.


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